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Date:七月 01, 2014

Preview of Miss Rose In collaboration with Swire Properties Limited

Preview of Miss Rose : Romantic Musical “Behind a Desk”

免費入場 Free Admission
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Composer/Music Director 作曲/音樂總監: Paul Lin 林子楊
Playwright 編劇: Wang Ping 王平
Lyricist 作詞: Chris Shum 岑偉宗
Director 導演: William Yip 葉遜謙

Synopsis 故事簡介:
In this concrete jungle we live, professionals repeat the daily mundane act of commuting to work amid the crowds, but deep in their hearts, everyone has a dream.  Miss Rose, a local written musical, revolves around a kind-hearted and hardworking girl. Working at a dating and matchmaking agency, Miss Rose is given hard time by her cunning and pretentious colleagues at work.  Despite her efforts often go in vain, yet she never gives up her dream and aspiration on work, relationship, and life. When the agency teeters on the edge of bankruptcy, she stays affirmative to fight the battle with her boss. Like a small screw of a machine, Miss Rose is too small to be noticed, but too important to miss.


Bilingual Version 雙語版本 (with Chinese / English subtitles 附設中英文字幕)
25.7.2014 (Fri) 7:30 pm
26.7.2014 (Sat) 7 pm
27.7.2014 (Sun) 3 pm

ArtisTree, 1/F Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place, Island East

For ages six or above

Enquiries 查詢: 2904 7118 /