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Date:一月 15, 2015

I’MPERFECT, Musical (Re-run)

Playwrights 編劇:Emily Chan 陳美莉
Composer and Music Director 作曲及音樂總監: Paul Lin 林子揚
Lyricist (Cantonese and English) 填詞(中文及英文): Wong Ming Lok 黃明樂
Artistic Director & Director 藝術總監及導演: William Yip 葉遜謙

Cast 演員:
Anthony Ho 何遠東 | Ernestine Ho 何穗盈 | Eric Huynh 黃思豐 | Cyrus Lee 李正道 | Kawaii Wong 王靜文 | Yuppy Wong 黃如妹 | Kevin Lam 林芷沿 |Joyce Chan 陳樂恆 | Sara Chu 朱茵怡 | Shanty Cheung 張曉彤

Synopsis 故事簡介

Randy is a very ordinary boy, someone who, in the eyes of his parents, teachers, schoolmates, friends, and even his own, could only be regarded as “not perfect”. When he becomes a first year at the magical Grandville College, the headmaster urges all students to pursue the “I’M PERFECT” school motto and vie for the Star of the Year award. Randy soon recognises that, faced with competition from classmates such as Big Brain, Master Maths, Inno Inventor and A-lister Super Stunner, perfection is out of his reach. Until one day, the Star of the Year trophy disappears and Randy receives a mysterious message, which helps him discover that…

來自小村莊的蘭迪,是一個非常平凡的孩子。他在父母、師長、同學、朋友,甚至於 自己眼中,都只能以三個字形容:「不完美」。 新學年,蘭迪被送進奇幻的「葛萊威爾學院」。校長向新同學訓示學院的校訓─ 「我要完美」,督促每位學生都要追求完美,爭奪年度「學院之星」的榮譽。蘭迪在 學院裡遇上「最強大腦」、「數學奇才」、「創意發明家」,還有有型有格的「萬人迷」,讓他更覺得「完美」是一件遙不可及的事。直至「學院之星」獎座不翼而飛,蘭迪收到神秘的短訊,他才發現……

The premiere of I’MPERFECT was presented at the “International Arts Carnival 2014” by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department 《我(不)完美》首演於由康樂及文化事務署主辦的「國際綜藝合家歡2014」

Cantonese Version 粵語演出 (with English surtitles附設英文字幕)
27.3.2015 (Fri)          8pm    /   28.3.2015 (Sat)                 3pm* & 8pm

English Version 英語演出(with Chinese surtitles附設中文字幕)
29.3.2015 (Sun)         3pm

Price票價: $260/ $220/ $160

*Accessible Performance for ALL全民通達專場(without English surtitles不設英文字幕)
Cantonese Audio Description Theatrical Interpretation available 附設口述影像及劇場視形傳譯,讓不同能力的觀眾一同欣賞演出

Student Matinee 學生專場(Performance in English英語演出)
30.3.2015 (Mon) & 31.3.2015 (Tue)                      3pm^^

Price票價: $70

^^For school purchase only 只限學校訂購

Venue: Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre
地點: 元朗劇院演藝廳

50% discount available for People with Disabilities and the Minder, Full-time Students^, Senior Citizens aged 60 or above and Recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA)^


^ Subject to availability 名額有限,額滿即止

10% off purchase of Standard Ticket(s) for members of Hong Kong Arts Administrator Association and card holders of BEA HKU Credit Card and Hang Seng Bank The Chinese University of Hong Kong Credit Card

Audiences aged 3 or above are welcome

Approximately 2 hours with a 15-minute intermission

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Tickets are available at all URBTIX outlets, on the Internet and by Credit Card from 16 Jan 2015

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Credit Card Telephone Booking 信用卡電話購票: 2111 5999

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