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Date:十月 27, 2015

‘Of Mice and Men’ Hint Fiction Competition

‘Of Mice and Men’ Hint Fiction Competition

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Theatre Noir Foundation has been committed to arts education for years. Not only musical productions, we encourage learning and social engagement through other theatrical work. Hence, we are presenting our drama series: ‘Of Mice and Men’ from 22 to 25 Oct this year, which is adapted from the novella of the same name written by John Steinbeck, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.

We believe that drama connects to our world, so does literature interpret the world in her unique style. Both of them are not distant as the sky; they belong to everyone. ‘Hint Fiction’, as one of the milestones of modern literature, creates a fashion by the particular charm of creativity in the very limited text. It often inspires readers’ great interests and deep thoughts by the concise words, that sharing similar features of the lines in a drama.

Now, Theatre Noir Foundation is organizing the ‘Of Mice and Men’ Hint Fiction Competition. Submission of work is welcome. Further explorations of the drama and extended feelings of the content are expected through your vivid and interesting presentations.

Theatre Noir Foundation一直致力於藝術教育項目,不僅是音樂劇製作,還以不同方式鼓勵學習、推動社區參與。因此於今年10月22至25日首度演出戲劇系列《人鼠之間》,劇本改編自諾貝爾文學獎得主約翰▪史坦貝克(John Steinbeck)的同名經典小說。


有見及此,Theatre Noir Foundation現舉行「人鼠之間」超短篇小說徵文比賽,竭誠歡迎各方投稿,期望藉此引發觀眾以生動及具創意的方法,將對戲劇內容的理解及感受,作不同的呈現。

Rules & Regulations 比賽形式



English: A story of 25 words or fewer that hints at a larger, more complex story; Also, the work would be about the following key words (multiple choices are allowed):

Dream, Fate, Hope, Companion, CommunicationRelease, Living, Discrimination, Humility, Loneliness

* The adjudication is made according to ‘the usage of words’, ‘sense of appealing’, ‘expression of affection’ etc.

Categories 組別

  1. Secondary School: Full-time students of Hong Kong secondary schools
    中學組: 本港全日制中學一至六年級學生
  2. Open: Aged 18 or above
    公開組: 18歲及以上公眾人士 

Deadline 截止報名日期

11th December, 2015年12月11日

Prizes 獎項及獎品

For each category, there will be:

ONE First Place Winner$1,500 book coupons
首獎 (1名) – $1,500書券

TWO Second Place Winner $600 book coupons each
佳作 (2名) – $600書券

TWO Third Place Winner $300 book coupons each
優異 (2名) – $300書券

Result Announcement 結果公布

All the results will be announced by the end of December 2015, and the winning work will be posted in the facebook page and website of Theatre Noir Foundation ( Individual notice will be sent to all the winners. Entrants not selected as winners will not be notified individually. The winning entries will be exhibited in the Exhibition Corner of Yuen Long Theatre, in January 2016.
比賽結果將於2015年12月下旬公布,並上載於Theatre Noir Foundation網站 (及Facebook,所有得獎者將獲個別通知領獎事宜。落選者恕不逐一通知。得獎作品將於2016年1月在元朗劇院大堂展覽場地展出。

Enquiry & Enrollment 查詢及報名

Tel 電話: 29047118
Fax 傳真: 29047111
Email 電郵:

Competition Notice 比賽須知

  1. Starting from 22nd October to 11th December 2015, all people under the mentioned categories are welcome for this competition. The entry closes by 17:00 on the last day via email, or that of the postmark on the envelope.
  2. The entry must be typed on one side of A4 white paper. All manuscripts must be double-spaced, with readable blue/black words and relevant page number (if any).
  3. All entries must be accompanied by individual Entry Form.
  4. Your entry will be given to the adjudicator, determining the prizes by its originality, meaning, creativity and (or) amusement. It’s all about skills and no luck involved.
  5. Your entry must be original, in English, unpublished and unproduced, not accepted by any other publisher or producer at the time of submission.
  6. BE SURE OF YOUR WORD COUNT! A story of 150 Chinese words (including punctuation); or an English story of 25 words or fewer. Type the exact word count (counting every single word, except the title and contact information) at the top of the manuscript. Entries exceeding the word limits or plagiarized parts found will be disqualified.
  7. Visit the website for the Entry Form, and send the completed form to; or post it to ‘3B, Tontex Industrial Bldg, 2-4 Sheung Hei St, San Po Kong, Kowloon’ (by post to ‘8C Wah Mow Factory Building, 5-7 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon’ after 28th Oct 2015). Envelope should be marked clearly with ‘(TNF)超短篇徵文’ (Chinese Entry)/ ‘(TNF) Hint Fiction’(English Entry).
    欲參賽的人士可至網站theatre-noir.hk填寫報名表,以電子郵件傳送到,或是在報名表上填妥姓名、地址、電子信箱、聯絡電話後,郵遞到「九龍新蒲崗雙喜街2-4號同德工業大廈3B」(如於10月28日以後寄出,請寄往「九龍新蒲崗五芳街5-7號華懋工業大廈8樓C座」),信封面請註明「(TNF)超短篇徵文」(中文組)/ ‘(TNF) Hint Fiction’(英文組)。
  8. Once an entry has been submitted, no edits, replacements or exchanges will be accepted. An edited version of a previously submitted entry is considered as a new entry.
  9. No publication or post in any channel before the result announcement.
  10. The presenter is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes.
  11. The adjudicator reserves the right to make the decision of the final results.
  12. The presenter is not responsible for any loss, wrong delivery, or overdue of the entries.
  13. An entrant can submit 3 entries by each category. No return of all entries.
  14. ONE First Place Winner is selected, rewarding book coupons at HK$1,500.
  15. TWO Second Place Winners are selected, rewarding book coupons at HK$600 each.
  16. TWO Third Place Winners are selected, rewarding book coupons at HK$300 each.
  17. Winner notification will be made by individual email, and a post in the website and facebook page of the presenter.
  18. Prizes will be presented 6-8 weeks after the result announcement.
  19. All entries will be owned by the presenter. Once an entry has been submitted, the entrant agrees to transit the relevant rights and benefits (including the copyright) to the presenter in prior to a guarantee of the corresponding originality by the entrant.
  20. The presenter retains the rights to the winning entries to be copied, published, promoted, interpreted and exhibited to the public.
  21. Personal Information Collection Statement 收集個人資料聲明
  • Provisions of personal data are necessary for processing and follow up on the request/enquiry submitted by you.
  • The information collected from you will be used for the purposes of: authenticating your eligibility to use library resources and services, processing your request, answering your enquiry.
  • The submission of personal data is voluntary. However, insufficient personal data may prevent the presenter from answering an enquiry.
  • It is possible that any information submitted electronically could be observed by a third party in transit. The presenter shall not be liable for any loss or damage to you as a result of this.
  • Information we collect about you is strictly confidential. We will not disclose any personal information provided by you to any external bodies or organizations unless you have been consulted or we are required to do so by law.
  • Unless an exclusion notice, the presenter shall use the personal information for the promotion, research and author introduction for this competition without limits, including email and telephone communications. Entrants shall submit updated personal information to the presenter when necessary.
  1. Rules and regulations of the competition are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. The presenter reserves the final rights to all matters concerning this competition.