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Date:十二月 30, 2013

優‧先‧訂‧票‧EARLY-BIRD‧SUBSCRIPTION﹕《我的長腿叔叔音樂劇》My Daddy-Long-Legs Musical

優‧先‧訂‧票‧EARLY-BIRD‧SUBSCRIPTION﹕《我的長腿叔叔音樂劇》My Daddy-Long-Legs Musical
Purchase Family Packages to save up to 購買家庭套票可節省高達 $120﹗
Early-bird subscription until 優先訂票至 7.2.2014
Online Subscription 網上訂購:

Composer/Music Director 作曲/音樂總監: Matthew Ma 馬永齡
Playwright 編劇: Cheung Fei Fan 張飛帆
Lyricist 作詞: Wong Ming Lok 黃明樂
Director 導演: William Yip 葉遜謙

Synopsis 故事簡介:
Kate is an independent, assertive but slightly rebellious teenage girl who has an unaltered passion for singing, dreaming to perform on stage one day. On her sixteenth birthday, Kate is sent by her mother to a boarding school, accompanied solely by her pet Birdie. Feeling abandoned by her only family member, she starts writing to “Daddy-Long-Legs”, to whom she reveals her sincerest sentiments without any reservations. This marks the beginning of an amazing life journey, which ultimately leads Kate to realize how blessed she is to have a loving and caring mother all along. After all the ups and downs, both of them now understand the importance of communication and pledge to build a strong and happy family in the days to come.

Cantonese Version 粵語版本 (with English surtitles 附設英文字幕)
28.3.2014 8pm
29.3.2014 3pm* & 8pm

English Version 英語版本 (with Chinese surtitles 附設中文字幕)
30.3.2014 3pm

Price 票價: $240 / $180 / $140

*Accessible Performance for ALL 全民通達專場
Audio Description, Accessible Captions and Theatrical Interpretation available 提供口述影像、通達字幕及劇場視形傳譯,讓視障、聽障及其他不同能力的觀眾一同欣賞演出

Student Matinee 學生專場 (Performance in English 英語演出)
31.3.2014 10:30am & 2:30pm *FULL 滿座*
Price 票價: $70

Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre 元朗劇院演藝廳
Audience under the age of three will not be admitted 歡迎三歲或以上人士入場觀看

Enquiries 查詢: 2904 7118 /