Make Dialogue with Community.
Theatre Noir Foundation

About Theatre Noir Foundation

Theatre Noir Foundation was officially registered as a charity in 2012. Our board, comprised of members from different professions, works hand in hand with teams of theatrical work and drama education, with “Make Dialogue with the Community” as our mission, to develop a multilateral arts and cultural platform for all.

We are dedicated to youth development through excellent drama education, with a particular focus on musical performances. We cooperate with primary and secondary schools throughout Hong Kong to create school performances. With our fine experiences in musical performances, we held programmes like “Summer Musical GoGoGo” and “TN Youth Musical Theatre” for young people (age 7-30) to pursue their artistic talents and to explore their career aims in the performing arts. Less privileged youth receive equal opportunities in musical theatre training in our free-of-charge workshops.

We also bring culture and arts to difference communities through community arts and audience outreach. We incorporate Accessible Performance for ALL in all our main-stage productions so that the visually and hearing impaired could also enjoy performing arts in theatre without boundaries.

To strive for our excellence, we are aiming for performances and programmes in the highest possible standards, in the hopes of nurturing nurture talents, developing leadership and team skills, and developing theatre and culture appreciation. We will continue to serve with our passion and expertise.

Theatre Noir Foundation於2012年正式註冊為非牟利慈善團體。我們的董事會成員來自各界,以「與社會對話」為任務,全方位建構屬於每一個人的文化、藝術平台。