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Professional multilingual, multicultural theatrical performances

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Nurture the future talents & audience

Arts in Community

Culture is the quality of life in the community

Venue Partner

Theatre Noir is the Venue Partner of Yuen Long Theatre



  • I had the wonderful opportunity to take in this great performance on the weekend and I have to day this musical is a great example of why we should support and promote the arts in Hong Kong. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of William Shakespeare
    James Sibley, Online Operation Manager, Timeout Magazine
  • 除了輔助之外,也是豐富整個藝術體驗,令到不同能力的觀眾朋友都可以整體地享受演出… 我覺得藝術上的可能性是很大的,所以希望 Theatre Noir 或者其他在座的機構繼續努力,我覺得在藝術上跨開了一個新的門檻,令到藝術的力量闊一點。
    茹國烈, 西九文化區管理局表演藝術行政總監
  • One can only look forward to future jewels in Hong Kong’s theatrical crown from Theatre Noir and express hopes that the planners of the West Kowloon Cultural District are already factoring youth theatre into their equation!
    Craig McKee, English Training Consultant G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College
  • Theatre Noir 多多搞作,同時積極拓展劇場教育工作,吸引年青一代的觀眾進場,感受何謂 live performance, 有 vision 有 heart,值得支持。
    Alex Lai, 自由撰稿人
  • 《動物農莊》不單展示了本地劇團的才能,還有其國際視野,正好顯示香港正邁向國際文化大都會。
    許曉暉女士, 民政事務局副局長

Up Coming

Miss Rose – Romantic Musical “Behind a Desk”

Book your Group Tickets directly from us and enjoy our EXCLUSIVE offers! Up to a 15% discount! 內部訂購團
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TN Youth Musical Theatre 2014-15
TN 青少年音樂劇劇團 2014-15

Making musical theatre for everyone! 同心,我們打造音樂劇! Open enrollment HERE! ACTION now! 按此立即網上報名!
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13, A Broadway Musical (Re-run)《13》百老匯音樂劇(重演)

Book your Family Package or Group Tickets directly from us and enjoy our EXCLUSIVE offers! Up to a 1
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2014 Community Cultural Ambassador “Musical Harmony” Touring Performance

2014年,Theatre Noir Foundation榮獲康樂及文化事務署邀請,參加社區文化大使計劃,於5月至10月期間在元朗、天水圍、屯門等地區,得到社會福利署 元朗區福利辦事處的支持,跟不同的
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